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Paging options for convenience, personalization

Internet Paging

When the message is non-critical, American Messaging offers the convenience of Internet Paging. Messages can be sent through the link at the top of our home page or through your personal email account.

Important: Because the Internet can experience outages and delays in communication beyond our control, you should always send critical messages through our system via telephone.

How to Send A Page from our website:

  • Click Send a Page at the top of our Home page
  • Enter the 10-digit pager number
  • Type the message
  • Click Send

It’s that easy.

How to send a page from your email account:

  • Open a New Message window in your email account
  • Address the email using the 10-digit pager number followed by
  • Note that you’ll have to eliminate hyphens and spaces from the pager phone number.

Example: For pager number 207-555-1111, type the following in the email address field:

  • Then just type your message and click Send

Voicemail and Custom Greeting

In some applications, the ability to personalize your pager increases your effectiveness. Voicemail and Custom Greeting is a premium service package offered by American Messaging designed to enhance usability.


Voicemail allows callers to leave 30 second messages for the pager user to retrieve from a phone. The pager alerts the user once the message is recorded.

To retrieve a Voicemail Message:

  • Call pager number
  • Interrupt the greeting by pressing 0
  • When prompted, enter the 4 digit pass code
  • Choose from the following options:
  • Press 3 to Listen
  • Press 5 to Repeat
  • Press 7 for time that message arrived
  • Press 2 to Delete

Other Voicemail Modes:

  • Press 17 to Change your password. Then press 3, enter your new code, and press # to save.
  • Press 14 to hear your numeric messages
  • Press 10 to enter Voice Retrieval

Custom Greeting

Custom Greeting allows callers to hear up to a 60-second greeting before keying in their callback number.

To Set Up or Change a Custom Greeting:

  • Call pager number
  • Interrupt the greeting by pressing 0
  • When prompted, enter the 4 digit pass code
  • Enter 30, start recording after the beep
  • Enter 11 to record greeting.

Choose from the following options:

  • Press 1 to stop recording and save Custom Greeting
  • Press 40 to listen
  • Press 30 to record again

Page Redirect
Page Redirect alerts an email capable device, such as a smart phone, in addition to your pager. This redundancy is great for when you are traveling outside the paging area and still need to receive your paging messages.

  • Forward your pager number to any email capable device.
  • Works for Cellular Phone or a Blackberry device.
  • Both the pager and your other device will receive the page.