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Current Pager Models

Use this chart to compare current pager models and to view or download User Manuals and functionality Cheat Sheets.  Legacy models appear below the Current Pager Models chart.

  apollo 924 by digital 2UniElite np 88 w APXL Apollo 202 Black
Make & Manufacturer Apollo 924 
by Digital
Uni-Elite by Unication NP88 by Unication Apollo XL by Digital Paging Apollo 202 by Digital Paging
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Type Alphanumeric Alphanumeric Numeric Numeric Numeric
Display Zooms 4 Lines to 2 Lines Zooms 4 Lines to 2 Lines 1 Line 1 Line 1 Line
Message Slots 46 19 16 16 16
Message Stamping Time & Date Time & Date Time Time Time & Date
Duplicate Message Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Memory Storage 16 10 8 Locked Messages 16 16
Alarm Clocks 5 5 1 No 3
Info Update/Maildrop Slots 10 16 2 4 4
Alerts 8 Melodies, 5 Tones & Vibe Beep, Vibe, Chirp/Vibe, Silent & 7 Musical Beep, Vibe, Chirp & Silent Beep & Vibe Beep, Vibe & Sleep
Reference Display Time & Date Time & Date Month, Date & Time Month, Date & Time Time, Date & Day
Low-Light Display Backlit Indigo Backlit Indigo Backlit Backlit Backlit
Deletes 1 or All Messages Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Saves Messages When Off or Changing Battery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reminder Alert Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Message Preview Yes Yes No No No
Low Battery Alert Display & Alert Display & Alert Yes Yes Yes
Battery Required AAA AA AAA AA AAA
UL Listed Yes Yes Yes No No
  apollogold ApolloT2000 truley    
  Apollo Gold Apollo T200 Truly Alpha    
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